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Mike McAdams Gold Flight Classification: Senior Amateur
Home: Carrollton, TX
Member Since: 11-Aug-12
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DateCourseRaw ScoreAdjusted ScoreHdcp DifferentialCourse Rating/Slope
13-May-18Indian Creek GC - Lakes8484 (I)14.469.3/115
11-May-18Riverside Golf Club8080 (I)11.068.4/119
28-Apr-18Prairie Lakes GC - Rolling ...8383 (I)16.068.0/106
20-Nov-17Indian Creek GC - Creek9393 (I)16.073.7/136
19-Nov-17Luna Vista 8585 (I)13.370.4/124
13-Nov-17Sky Creek Ranch Golf Club8383 (I)13.768.4/120
25-Oct-17The Tribute at the Colony -...7878 (I)8.968.9/116
15-Oct-17Prestonwood CC - Creek9191 (I)16.471.3/136
08-Oct-17Golf Club of Estrella8585 (I)16.168.5/116
07-Oct-17Wildfire GC - Faldo Course8585 (I)16.767.7/117
06-Oct-17Raven Golf Club at Verrado7979 (I)6.671.6/126
30-Sep-17Luna Vista 8484 (I)10.272.5/128
20-Sep-17Bridlewood Golf Club8787 (I)14.771.0/123
17-Sep-17Indian Creek GC - Lakes8484 (I)10.871.5/131
02-Sep-17Bridlewood Golf Club8383 (I)11.071.0/123
20-Aug-17Prestonwood CC - Creek7979 (I)6.471.3/136
30-Jul-17Indian Creek GC - Creek8282 (I)6.973.7/136
14-Jun-17Sleepy Hollow Golf Course8282 (I)9.571.3/127
13-Jun-17Fowlers Mill GC - Lake/River9696 (I)19.772.8/133
12-Jun-17Stone Water Golf Club8484 (I)11.970.6/127

DateCourseRaw ScoreAdjusted ScoreHdcp DifferentialCourse Rating/Slope