About Challenge Golf

Challenge Golf was founded by and for people that love golf and love to compete. Our goal was to create a forum for competition beyond the traditional measure of a Handicap Index. In doing so, we hope to provide our users with a great insight into their golf games, and a little more excitement and fun on the golf course. We hope that you enjoy using Challenge Golf as much as we have enjoyed making it!

We consider Challenge Golf to be a work in progress and are continually working on making it better. We keep current with new developments in statistical ways of measuring golf performance and already have a lengthy list of planned enhancements and feature additions for the site. But we would also like to hear from you. If you have a great idea for Challenge Golf, please let us know at ideas@challengegolf.com

 Some of the things we are currenly working on include:

* Allowing the creation of USGA Type 2 and Type 3 Golf Clubs
* More achievements
* And lots more!


Challenge Golf is owned by CH Golf, LLC and is located in Austin, TX.